What a horrible word – DIET

For me it conjures up reading small print, adding up calories, putting things on scales, getting on scales scared to see the number and denial. The word DIET, for so many, means DENIAL.

Get Healthy over 50
Get Healthy over 50

DENIAL of chocolate, DENIAL of bread, DENIAL of snacks, DENIAL, DENIAL, DENIAL!

Maybe it’s time to not go on a DIET but time to change your mind about food. So much of our eating can be triggered by emotions. You’re sad so you reach for chocolate or ice cream; you’re happy you have a glass or two of wine or beer; you’re bored so you just snack on some crisps or cookies. Any way you look at it it’s your mind controlling your actions and it’s your mind that may need to change.

There needs to be a conscious choice on whether or not how you live and the way you eat is really how you want to continue existing. Do you really want to be dependant on walkers, canes, wheelchairs to get around? Do you want to have to remember to take any number of pills each day to control your blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol or sugar levels? I would think the answer is no, no one should want to live like that. For some there is no choice as medical conditions can cause debilitation whether we like it or not but for others there is the choice of changing one’s mindset and food decisions to create a happier healthier life.

Get Healthy Over 50

We all want to live to a ripe old age and eating a vitamin rich selection of foods will help. Learning to cook or choose the right meals when ordering in or when in a restaurant can be the start of whole new outlook on how you and food get along.