Another word many people of ALL ages loathe – EXERCISE.

Let’s look at what this word associates with – expensive gym memberships, sweating, inadequate, embarrassment, painful, no obvious results.

Once you get over a certain age your metabolism slows down and your ability to lose weight is that much harder. For both women and men bone density is effected and often joints begin to ache and it gets a little harder to get up in the morning.

The thought of going to place that is filled with younger, possibly fitter people doing things you can’t imagine doing on machines you have not idea what they do just fills you with dread so you just don’t go. This is often the reaction of so many when the mention of exercise comes up but there are ways of taking care of yourself outside of the gym.

Get Healthy Over 50Did you know that a brisk walk 10 minutes a day is a great way to start on the path to a healthier you? Simple stretches in a chair or even lying on your back can increase circulation, ease your joints and muscles and make it easier to get up and move around throughout your day.

It’s about being flexible. Once you hit 50 you will feel the years like anyone else does – achy joints, stiff muscles and a bit of “all around” tired. If you want live longer and a better lifestyle then staying fit and flexible is the key.

Let’s talk about what can help you get that way and stay that way:

Yoga – I know – hippies and young people but that is not necessarily true. More and more yoga studios are focusing on older populations knowing they will get the most benefit from the slow stretching that yoga provides.

Walking – this simple action is something we all do but not enough of it. With having cars many of us will drive a block to the grocery store well maybe that needs to stop. Think about your blood pumping, your skin glowing and your lungs expanding – walking helps with all this and reducing you blood pressure, and cholesterol.

The Gym – the dreaded gym. It is good to go to the gym if that is what motivates you. What you need to keep in mind as that stretching is needed before and after every workout and you may need more than one day recovery between workouts due to your body’s changing metabolism. Cardio was great when we were younger but now interval training helps burn the fat faster and keep us up to speed.

I think the key is do what you like as often as you can – get up and MOVE. Even if you start with a walk around the block just remember it’s more than you did the day before and tomorrow you might walk around it twice!

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