DIET REVIEWS (more are coming)

I have read up and checked on these diet programs. Nothing beats long term healthy eating of wholesome, organic foods and balancing your treats with the everyday lifestyle. In order to reach that goal of healthy eating and weight loss I have a few programs that will kick start you on your journey. Please check with your physician before starting ANY weight loss program.

  1. Metabolic Cooking – I found that I really liked this plan. It takes your old cooking habits and throws them out the window. The author is a cooking and fitness fanatic who has combined both her loves to create this system that works with your head, your appetite and your body’s own metabolism. For me it was about the changing of the foods I always eat keeping my body in the zone to burn fat. This lifestyle change made sense to me. This program provides you with grocery lists and the ability to personalise the plan to ¬†your own likes, dislikes and needs. This won’t work for people who don’t cook that much or just find following recipes difficult or boring.
  2. 3 Week Diet – What I liked about this was there was plenty to read so you could truly understand what you were getting into. Understanding the system, the diet, the workout and, what I think is most important – the mindset. You know I hate the word diet as for me, it’s about changing a lifestyle but this is a sure fire way to kick start your body into losing the weight. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have HUGE weight loss. Most people should not lose more than 1-2 pounds a week but this will get your body burning if applied correctly.

Exercise Reviews

(These reviews take awhile so I will add more in as I find ones I want to share)

Ok here’s the honest truth – I have reviewed the following exercise programs and each has it’s Pros & Cons but it is YOU that decides which you would like. I can tell you the top three I recommend the rest is up to you.

  1. OLD SCHOOL STYLE FITNESS – this isn’t your dad’s army training or mom’s aerobics class this is honest plans and workouts for anyone looking to get fit. The creators of this program recognise that over 5o you need strength training not cardio to get the body you are looking to get. They also acknowledge that starting hard out of the gate is not the way to go – gradual build up toward a steady routine is the best way to get to and sustain the level of fitness you want and need. This is a system for people who are ok with going to the gym or finding ways to do resistance training in the home. Also eating sensibly and focusing on what’s best for your body is key to being a success with this or any program you choose.